The Your Spiritual Hostess Community is a safe space to play with the idea of soul expression and expand upon it.

Everything we do in this group is to help guide you to connect to that deeper part of yourself, that all knowing part, that all being part, that internal compass to guide you to the most amazing life and experiences.

There will be pop up readings, Facebook lives, trainings, interviews with experts that have different area of expertise. Every 6 weeks (or so) we have a Practice Reading Session for new and seasoned readers to practice tapping into their intuition with, or without, cards and other divination tools.

I created this community because I know that “It takes a community to…” (achieve new heights). And, if I am being honest, I wanted an awesome group of people to hang out with and share ideas with. Yup! That’s you!

Come on in … and receive a Welcome Card Pull with a message just for you! ~

What community members are sharing ...

Mary Ann is passionate about helping others awaken to the brilliance of who they are and all that they have to offer themselves and the world.  She has been a diligent student of the Universe for over a decade and has shared her knowledge, expertise and passion with others through interviews, public speaking, writing and healing sessions. She is an expert on manifesting reality and has seen evidence of this in her own life in substantial ways. Her mission is to help others see the light inside of them and give it permission to shine more brightly. She creates a safe place to play with that idea and expand upon it, giving simple every day steps that, when done, make a big impact. As Your Spiritual Hostess, she connects you with that deep part inside of you that has been begging to be seen, heard and acknowledged and is ready to emerge.